ConnectZone 2019 is expanding

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This year ConnectZone has grown and we are adding an extra day. The program provides you with the opportunity to deep dive into the WorkZone platform through four training sessions exclusive to ConnectZone and through the seminar day as you know it.

This year’s ConnectZone will be held on the 6th and 7th of November at Odd Fellow Palæet in the center of Copenhagen. As opposed to the previous years, this year’s ConnectZone is a two-day event. The first day is a day of training sessions and the second day is the seminar day as you have experienced it in the previous years.

Day one – Training sessions

The first day of ConnectZone provides you with an exclusive opportunity to deep dive into the WorkZone platform along with several hand-picked WorkZone-experts. You will get your hands on the platform and be able to ask questions directly related to your context and the specific challenges you are facing. There are four different courses available circling around the themes: Configuration and Information Modelling in WorkZone, Design of WorkZone case activities with, Understand Installation and Operation of WorkZone, Super User Training.

The training sessions are exclusive to ConnectZone and will only be available on the 6th of November. Because the training sessions are arranged in connection with the seminar, we are able to offer participation at a favorable price.

Day two – Seminar

The second day of ConnectZone will be similar to the previous years. Here you will be inspired, get information about new features lined up for WorkZone 2020. There will be a chance to network and enjoy the company of your peers and colleagues.

Sign up

Registration for ConnectZone 2019 is open, and on the registration site you can see the program for the two days and read more about the content in both the training sessions and the seminar. We are looking forward to welcoming you welcoming you all at Odd Fellow Palæet, Bredgade 28, Copenhagen.