WorkZone 2019.3 loaded with new features

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Summertime is usually quiet, but not for the KMD WorkZone team. We have worked hard to deliver a package full of new features and improvements. Simpler deployment is still in focus but for this release you will also see the new meeting module, an improvement to task management and flows, implementation of the Agenda Management Connector, to mention a few of the new features.

New Meeting Module – Office Web Add-in 

The new WorkZone Office Meeting module is based on a new integration framework for Microsoft Office. The framework makes the add-in a central server-based install and removing the need for client installations, simplifying the rollout of WorkZone. The Meeting module is released for on Outlook Desktop and Outlook Web Access. Later the product will be tested on a wider array of platforms. In addition to a 1:1 migration of all meeting features, the new module includes a new and improved user interface for adding documents, sorting documents, and the ability to cancel a WorkZone meeting.

This is the first step in the journey to towards fully replacing WorkZone for Office as a Client Add-in and broaden WorkZone’s Office 365 footprint.

Management support – Improvements to task management and flow

During the spring we have spent some time analyzing and talking to customers using or planning to use WorkZone for Management support. As a result of our findings we have made some minor improvements to the flow in WorkZone Mobile. We have changed the module navigation, made workflows around reading documents smarter and more accessible. In WorkZone Client you can personalize how you want to receive/see your smart tasks, allowing mobile users to turn off smart mails.

We have added ranking of tasks as a user and on behalf of a user in WorkZone Client and ranking of tasks in WorkZone Mobile. The ranking is an important feature to provide secretaries with a model for presenting tasks in the right order to managers.

Several features are planned for the upcoming releases under this topic. Next step will be a collaborative chat/dialog module that in some form and scope should make it to the 2020.0 release.

Agenda Management Connector

We are officially releasing the Ditmer Agenda Management Connector creating a close integration between Ditmer Agenda Management and WorkZone. For more on this integration please check out the online help and the previous webinar on the Integration .


It is now possible to have multiple case activities on a case improving the general accessibility of case activities and possibilities on these. All processes running on a case are now also accessible directly from the case allowing a better overview of ongoing submissions and hearings on a case.


The number of configuration options have been increased considerably. New custom fields are added and Unique Key, Address, Case Unit, Document, Contact, Employee can now be configured as custom fields. Client-side field validation has been added to WorkZone for Office. Case activities now have the ability and many options for sending smartpost. The option to break security inheritance is now a setting.

Installation & Operation

As part of the ongoing work with the DevOps @Customer initiative and WorkZone SaaS. We are now providing a consolidated operations guide for WorkZone which includes a collection of best practices on how to operate KMD WorkZone.
The release includes a lot more features than listed here, if you are curious as to what these features entail, you are more than welcome to read the release notes where you will find more gems from the release.